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I was born and raised in Seattle. I grew up playing outdoors and wanting to be a firefighter—that is until I experienced the Backdraft ride. I embraced the thrill of competition from a young age...maybe getting a Happy Meal every time I scored a goal in soccer had something to do with it.

I took my first graphic design class as a freshman in high school and have been at it ever since. I traveled south for college to study Graphic Design at Cal Poly. One of my favorite projects was for symbology class where we helped to develop a set of universal healthcare symbols and applied them to hospital wayfinding. It was my first experience designing in a medical setting.

After graduating, I migrated north to San Francisco where I spent 5 years working at Bridge Design. In 2015, I continued my migration back north and am currently based in Portland, Oregon. A year later, I started ASJ Design and began freelance contracting with medical device companies. I strive to offer comprehensive UI design services over the life of a project with dedication, experience and efficiency.

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