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Internet Awesomeness

Art in a browser

Internet Awesomeness
January 30, 2017

Code Doodles is an awesome website showcasing creative web experiments. Check it out when you've got a few minutes for fun. Firewater is my current favorite.

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Doing Good

Internet Awesomeness
January 15, 2017

I came across an interesting music video this weekend by Milky Chance that puts the viewer in control of their experience. The viewer is able to flip between different camera angles and adjust the volume of instruments to participate in the jam session. It was fun to play art director and cut the camera angles to the beat.

The concept of interactive videos isn't new, but this is one of the better implementations I've seen. The interactive elements are kept simple and secondary to the music video, leading to a more engaging experience. Looking forward to interacting with their future chapters!

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Bob the Weather Cat

Internet Awesomeness
January 6, 2017

As a relatively new Oregonian, I'm only now learning about the legend that was Bob the Weather Cat. Back in the 80s, Bob would make a weekly appearance for the KATU weather report and delight viewers with epic cat costumes. The footage is pure gold.

RIP Bob. We could sure use your swanky style and positive message given the current state of affairs in America.

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Women who draw

Internet Awesomeness
December 12, 2016

A collection of women who can draw. Scrolling through all of the talent and different styles really illustrates how unique and awesome we all are as individuals. Nice work!

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