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Summiteers Website

February 13, 2017

Summiteers the game is still in the final stages of development but rules website is coming along nicely. I'm especially excited about the design of this site because I think it's an area a lot of board games could benefit from. I'm hoping to release the design as a Webflow template in the near future and offer my design services to other board game companies.

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Water Mark

December 2, 2016

It started off like any other trip to my favorite burger joint. I ordered the usual: 3x3, protein style with grill onions and no tomato. Then came the slowest eight minutes of my life. I grab ketchup, napkins, and do my best to pass the time while preparing for the feast. As I filled my cup with water from the soda dispenser, I couldn’t help but notice how depressingly boring the water fountain tap was.

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Design Together

July 14, 2016

This was a quick proof of concept design effort to test out the power of the new Webflow CMS feature.

I've been a Webflow fan for years and was stoked when I heard about this new feature. After finally using it, the CMS tool did not disappoint. I was able to structure the database specifically around my content and build out the website in realtime, linking directly to content in the CMS while I design.

The days of Hipster Ipsum are finally over. With Webflow CMS, design and content can be crafted together.

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