ASJ is a freelance interaction designer focused on improving digital health experiences.


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Since 2010, I’ve been working to improve UI design in healthcare, one device at a time. While the healthcare industry is rapidly changing, medical device projects still aren’t your typical UI design project. To be done effectively, they require a designer with patience and a passion for the smallest details and design tradeoffs.

Most of my work experience was completed at Bridge Design, my previous employer, where I was the lead visual designer and other half of a 2-person UX design team for six years. Being part of a small but talented design firm, I became accustomed to working as an embedded designer inside a client’s greater project team. I saw that this style of collaboration was the most fruitful, as the entire team was participating in the production of a better end product.

In 2016, I started ASJ Design to continue working as an embedded interaction designer for medical device companies, enabling me to offer comprehensive UI design services over the life of a project with dedication, experience and efficiency.


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Side Projects

Wildcat Games

Board games are my digital escape, but they are also an interesting UX design challenge. I'm currently co-developing a mountain climbing game called Summiteers.

Kindly Crafted

I co-curate Kindly Crafted: a style blog featuring vintage and handmade Etsy goods.

Common Crystals

Photography is another hobby of mine. I'm particularly fascinated by complex textures which I like to layer in Photoshop to create interesting textural spaces.


I'm currently available for contracting opportunities. Please send me an email if you would like to discuss ways I can help improve your project.

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